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You may use this map to visit the exhibits. Click on the picture of the exhibit that you wish to visit.

You may also visit the exhibits by clicking on the Previous and Next pictures at the bottom of each page. Using Previous and Next is similar to walking around a real fairground.

Below is a table of the current exhibits along with short descriptions. The exhibits are regularly being added to and improved, so mark this web page and check back later to see what's new.


Description of Exhibit

Square Dancing You get to call a square dance, and solve the puzzles.
Animal Roundup Sort out the mixed-up farm animals.
Egg Hatching Hatch all of the cute baby chicks out of their magic eggs.
Egg-a-tron Help the chickens get "eggs-actly" the right pattern.
Duck Organizing Get all of the adorable ducklings to face the right way.
Pie Eating Contest Eat a cherry pie with the fewest bites.
Cookie Eating Contest Eat a batch of cookies in just five passes.
Pig Judging Find the unique pig among the many silly pig faces.
Sheepdog Competition Get the sheep into its pen as quickly as possible.
Noah's Zoo Search for your favorite animal.
Mystery Animal Can you discover the mystery animal?
Sparky's Fun House A multi-level adventure game featuring Sparky the Hamster.
Dogstar's Space-Coaster A roller coaster ride through space, with fireworks!
Ferris Wheel Match up the animals as they travel around and around.
Crate Moving Move the crates between the posts.
Bumper Cars Use your bumper car to collect points and win the game.
Swirl-Painting Create colorful artwork on a spinning canvas.
Shooting Gallery Practice your sharp shooting skills with moving targets.
Floral-Scope Create beautiful floral patterns, or help a bee pollinate the flowers.
Win-a-Goldfish Try to launch a ping-pong ball into a goldfish bowl.
Laser Beams Split and combine colorful laser beams to solve puzzles.
Fireflies Have some fun chasing and capturing fireflies.
Match-e-matic Match the colors and remove the tiles.

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