This game uses Ping-Pong balls (the goldfish wouldn't bounce).

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Use the Ping-Pong ball cannon to shoot Ping-Pong balls into the goldfish bowls. If you shoot a Ping-Pong ball into two different bowls, you will win a pet goldfish software program!

To shoot a ball, pull back on the cannon's red knob by dragging it with your mouse cursor (holding the button down). A ball will automatically be loaded into the cannon (unless all five balls have been shot). Drag the knob to change the cannon's angle and launch speed (pull back farther for more speed). Release the mouse button to shoot.

If you succeed in winning a goldfish, make sure you click the lower button on the panel so that you can pick it up (otherwise you have to succeed again in order for the panel to reappear).

Use the < and > buttons to change levels. There are nine different levels to try. Press RESET to start a level over.

Check the Sound box if your computer supports sound and you wish to hear sound effects.

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