They're a bear on a square at the fair.

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Calling a square dance is tricky, especially if the dancers are bears.

If you desire, you could just watch these bears dance to your instructions. Try clicking on the Dance box and then clicking on several of the floor tiles.

If you want a challenge, try to get the bears to complete a dance by moving the lady bears to the pink squares and the gentlemen bears to the blue squares.

Begin by selecting a dance from the list. Click on the pink and blue squares on the dance floor to make the dancers change their positions. Diagonal squares will cause a corner foursome to rotate. Edge squares will cause an octet to revolve about a center square. Yellow arrows will appear to indicate the direction each dancer will move.

You may click on future moves while the dancers are still moving. If you make a mistake on a future move, click the Stop button to halt the dancers.

Try to get each dancer onto the correct color in the fewest possible moves. If you get stuck, you can click the Hint button to get one step closer to the solution. Each time you click the Hint button it will cost you extra five moves. If you succeed in completing the dance in the minimum number of moves, you will win a trophy.

You can click the Undo button to undo previous moves. The move count will also be reduced, but the five move penalties for clicking on Hint will not be removed.

If you check the Dance box, the bears will dance about on their squares. They will still wait for you to direct them to other squares.

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