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Frequently Asked Questions

What is/are "Microprizes"?

What do I need in order to run a Microprize program?

What is the "Microprizes Country Fair"?

Where/what is "Carl's Bookshelf"?

What is/are "Microprizestm"?

Microprizes is a company dedicated to creating small games, puzzles, and other novelty programs that run in web browsers. Each program is called a "Microprize". They are similar in concept to the toy prizes found in boxes of cereal. Because the programs are small (usually less that 64 K) they can be downloaded quickly.

What do I need in order to run a Microprizetm program?

Most Microprizes require a web browser that can run Java 1.1 applets. The latest versions of most popular browsers, like Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, will run the programs if you install and enable Java support. Microprizes are best viewed in high-color mode and with a Pentium-speed or better computer. Most Microprizes will also require the use of a mouse or a similar pointing device. Most applets have a button with the Microprizes emblem on it. Press this button for instructions on how to use the applet. The button looks like this:

Look for this button.

What is the "Microprizes County Fairtm"?

The Microprizes County Fair is a collection of several Microprize programs. Its purpose is to demonstrate what Microprizes are all about and to give visitors something fun to do on the Internet. The admission to the fair is free, but the programs are the property of Microprizes, so please don't copy them for use on your own web site without permission.

For more information (including help on puzzles), contact us at:

Use this e-mail address to ask questions

Where/what is "Carl's Bookshelf"?

"Carl's Bookshelf" is the personal web site of artist/programmer Carl Ginnow. His web site includes tutorials on creating 3D computer graphics and some of his 2D and 3D artwork. To visit his web site, click on this link:

Carl's Bookshelf

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