Are you smarter than the average hamster?

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The object of this game is to help Sparky the Hamster find his way through the Hamster-World Fun House.

The game starts with Sparky outside of the Fun House. He has dropped his ticket and it has blown away. Help him find his ticket so that he can enter the Fun House and begin his journey. Where will his journey take him?

You can control the direction that Sparky walks with either your computer's mouse or keyboard. If you click your mouse pointer next to Sparky, he will walk in that direction. You can also control Sparky using the arrow keys or the IJKL keys on your keyboard. If the keyboard fails to respond, try clicking somewhere on the game with your mouse to enable the keyboard.

Sparky can pick up objects. Picking up some objects (like food) will add to your score. Picking up other objects (like tickets) will be held by Sparky until he needs them. The held objects appear in the box near the bottom of the screen. They are used automatically when Sparky either bumps into, or walks over, something that needs that object.

At the start of each new level you will be given a level code. This code will allow you to start your game at that level. To start a game using a level code, enter the code into the Level Code box and press the Load Level button. The game and your score will be restored to the state that it was in at the beginning of that level.

Sometimes Sparky is isn't in the right place at the right time and can't finish a level. If this happens, press the Restart button and start that level over again. Your score will be set to the value that it had at the start of the level.

Check the Sound box to turn on sound effects (if they are supported by your computer). It is not necessary to hear the sound effects in order to solve the puzzles.

To pause the game, press the Microprizes button in the lower-right corner.

The journey begins...

Note: A Sparky's Fun House hint page will be added soon.

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