Are you ready to blast-off?

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If you like fireworks and roller coasters, then this game is for you!

The object of this game is to ride the roller coaster as long as possible and to explode fireworks.

The gauge on the left side indicates how much track remains. As you travel, explosive mines will appear around the track. Use your mouse to click on the mines and blow them up. If the mines explode while they are far away, the amount of remaining track will increase. If they explode when they are close, the amount will decrease. If the mines get too close, they will explode on their own. When you come to the end of the track (indicated by red supports), the game ends.

The track becomes wilder as the ride progresses. The gauge on the right indicates how 'wild' the track has become.

Your score is shown in the center. You get points based on the distance traveled and for each mine you blow up. The farther away a mine is when it explodes, the more points you will receive.

Click on the 'Help' button to pause the game.

If you desire sound effects, and your machine supports sound, check the 'Sound' box.

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