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Most Microprizes require a web browser that can run Java 1.1 applets. The latest versions of most popular browsers, like Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, will run the programs if you install and enable Java support. If you are currently using one of these browsers and still have problems, try downloading the latest version of one of these browsers from Microsoft's or Netscape's website.

Because browsers keep changing, we can't guarantee that a particular Microprize applet will work with any particular brand of browser. If an applet doesn't work with your browser, try downloading and using another.

The latest version of Netscape Navigator for the Apple Macintosh does not fully support Java 1.1. If you have a Macintosh, try downloading the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Some applets may also use JavaScript, especially to play music in the background. Most modern web browsers support JavaScript. If you wish to use JavaScript features, make sure it is enabled.

Microprizes are best viewed in high-color mode and with a Pentium-speed or better computer (e.g., a 133 MHz Pentium or faster). Sometimes applets may require more memory to function properly (this is true of any program). Often, more memory can be made available by closing other applications.

Occasionally you may see an applet "pause" and then continue. This is due to the way the browsers implement the Java language (the computer language used to write the applets) and not the applets themselves (technically, the Java virtual machine is performing a process called "garbage collection" in order to free up memory). Browsers that implement newer versions of Java will eliminate much of the pausing. The best way to reduce the pauses is to free up memory (closing other applications and going directly to the applet's web page after restarting your browser).

Most Microprizes will also require the use of a mouse or a similar pointing device. Some applets will also use the keyboard. If the keyboard doesn't seem to respond, try clicking on the applet.

Sometimes other applets on other websites take up browser resources (memory, cpu, audio, etc.) and keep the Microprize applets from working properly. If you have a problem running an applet, try saving the applet's address (URL) with a bookmark (or as a "favorite"), and restarting your browser. Use the bookmark to go directly to the applet's web page without visiting any other website.

Occasionally, a browser will try to show an old copy of a web page instead of the latest version. Often, the newer web page will be loaded if the user completely restarts their browser. Some browsers will load the newest version if the user holds down certain keys when clicking on the Refresh/Reload button. On Internet Explorer, hold down the Ctrl key when clicking Refresh. On Netscape Navigator, hold down the Shift key when clicking Reload.

By default, sound is turned off in Microprize applets (this keeps people from hearing unwanted sounds when browsing websites). To enable sounds, check the designated box, or press the specified button.

Some websites (not Microprizes) may create links to Microprize web pages. These websites are not supported by Microprizes. Often these sites will try to put the Microprizes web pages inside of their own web pages using something called a frame. The frame uses up extra space on your screen. Also, the contents of the other website will use up memory that could be used to properly run the Microprizes applets. The best way to eliminate these frames is to restart your browser and go directly to the Microprizes website at:

You might also try entering directly into the URL box in your browser. Click on the big ticket to get to the Microprizes County Fair site map.

Most applets have a button with the Microprizes emblem on it. If you have problems understanding how to use the applet, try pressing this button and reading the instructions. The button looks like this:

Look for this button.

Usually, an instruction panel will appear. The panel will also show a button that can transfer you to the Microprizes home page.

Go to the Microprizes fairground map.Go to the Microprizes home page.

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