The Amazing Floral-Scope

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With the Amazing Floral-Scope you can create beautiful floral patterns and also play a challenging game. To create floral patterns, select Scope. To play the game, select Game. The instructions for the game are given below.

Instructions for creating floral patterns:

Create beautiful floral patterns by moving your mouse into the circle and pressing the mouse button. Click once to draw one flower, or drag the mouse to create a line of flowers. Create a kaleidoscope of flowers using the controls on the right.

Use the controls on the right to change how the Floral-Scope works. Much of the fun of the Floral-Scope is discovering new techniques, so feel free to experiment.

Check Auto Paint to allow the computer to paint the picture. You can change the other controls while the computer is painting, or change the current paintbrush location by clicking in the circle.

Use the Cycles scroll bar to change the number of cycles used in creating kaleidoscope patterns.

Check Mirror to add mirror reflections to kaleidoscope patterns.

Use the flower grid to select the flower you wish to use. Click on one of the 34 flowers in the grid, or click on the question mark in the lower right corner of the grid to use random flowers. Try changing the flower while the computer is auto-painting for interesting effects.

Use the Size scroll bar to change the size of the flowers. Try changing the size while the computer is auto-painting for interesting effects.

Use the Spacing scroll bar to change the spacing between the flowers when you are dragging the mouse or when the computer is auto-painting.

Click on the Clear button to erase all of the flowers.

Click on the Undo button to undo the changes made since the last flower selection. To preserve your changes, click on any flower in the selection grid, including the current flower.

You can use your browser's or computer's screen-capture feature to save your results. For example, in Microsoft Windows press Alt-Print Scrn, then open the Microsoft Paint application and use Edit-Paste to create an image of the browser window. Trim the image as desired and save the file.

Instructions for the game:

The object of the game is to get your pet bee to pollinate all of the flowers in the garden as quickly as possible.

To guide your bee, move your mouse cursor next to it. Your bee will turn and fly away from the mouse cursor.

Guide your bee over the flowers. When it passes over a flower, it will pick up some of the flower's pollen. When the bee is carrying a flower's pollen, spinning stars will surround the flower. Guide your bee over to the flower that matches the flower with the spinning stars. When you pass over the matching flower, the flower will be pollinated and encircled with a ring. If you pass over another flower, you will lose the pollen from the previous flower, and the spinning stars will surround the new flower. You succeed when all of the flowers are encircled with a ring.

Flying is hard work and takes a lot of energy. The Bee Energy gauge on the right indicates how much energy your bee has left. When the gauge gets low, you need to pass your bee over the hive in order to increase its energy. If your bee runs out of energy, the game is over. When the bee passes over the hive, it loses the pollen it's carrying.

There are bubbles floating around the garden. If your bee touches a bubble, it will lose some energy and lose the pollen it's carrying.

There are three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Select the desired difficulty level and press Restart to start another game. The game keeps track of the Best Time for each level. After finishing a game, try to beat your Best Time for that level, or try a more difficult level.

Click on the Help button in the lower right corner to pause the game.

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