How's your marksmanship?

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This is a shooting gallery game. The object is to score points by shooting at targets.

To take a shot, position the mouse cursor over the target and click the mouse button. Each click uses up one shot.

Points are scored if a target is hit. The upper rows score more than the lower rows. A second hit on the same target scores extra points.

Bonus points are awarded for successive hits without a miss. The bonus amount increases with each successive hit. Hit all of the targets in the same row to get extra bonus points.

Each level ends when the timer reaches zero or all of the shots have been used. Score extra bonus points for each second remaining on the timer. The timer starts with the first shot in each round. Score at least 1000 bonus points in order to continue to the next level.

If the point scoring seems too complicated, just shoot at everything that moves.

Press Restart to start over at round 1.

If your computer supports sound, check the Sound box to hear sound effects.

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