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This is my first attempt at a complete scene using trueSpace.   For a challenge I wanted to create a realistic animal.  I created the 3D cat mesh by converting a height map into a 3D object.  I started with a texture I made from a watercolor painting I created (see the "Jungle Cat" in my 2D art album and the tutorial "How the Cat in 'Jungle Cat' was Created").   To make the 3D mesh I created a simple "cartoon cat" in trueSpace.  I then converted the cartoon cat object into a height map using trueSpace's Fog feature.  I then used the warp feature in a 2D morphing program to get the height map to exactly match my texture. Finally, I used a height map to object utility to create the 3D mesh from the stretched height map. The whiskers were then added as separate meshes.

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